April 16, 2014
Category: Hearing
Tags: hearing loss   dementia  

Here is a link to a video discussing the link between hearing loss and dementia. Hearing loss is a serious medical concern and should be evaluated by a qualified professional. 

April 09, 2014
Category: Sinus
Tags: Sinus   nasal   rhinology  

Common nasal or sinus symptoms can be due to a variety of underlying problems.  Underlying problems can include chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and anatomical abnormalities.  We recommend referral to a specialist when the sinus issues do not respond to common therapies such as topical steroids or antibiotics.  In the office, we can get a detailed history and perform a comprehensive examination to include nasal endoscopy.  Based on the history and findings, an appropriate plan can be formulated.  Please schedule an appointment with one of our physicians today if you are having sinus problems.   

April 03, 2014
Category: Voice
Tags: Voice   World Voice Day  

April 16this World Voice Day sponsored by the American Academy of Otolaryngology.  The theme this year is Educate Your Voice.  Here are some tips on caring for your voice: Don’t smoke. Keep yourself well hydrated. Water is the best.  Don’t scream or shout excessively.  Take a vocal recess if you have laryngitis. Resting your voice will help it to heal.  Be smart and get evaluated by one of our physicians at Ocean Otolaryngology if you have persistent hoarseness. 

By Dr Gillespie
March 07, 2014
Category: ENT news
Tags: pediatric   infant   sound machine   hearing loss  

A recent article titled Infant Sleep Machines and Hazardous Sound Pressure Levels was published in Pediatrics. The study found that infant sleep machines can potentially cause hearing loss in infants. The study made the following recommendations for families

1. Place the sound machine as far away as possible from the infant and never in the crib or on a crib rail.
2. Play the sound machine at a low volume.
3. Operate the sound machine for a short duration of time. 


Sounds machines can help infants sleep, just do not play them too loud or too close to the baby. 

By Christina Gillespie, MD
February 05, 2014
Category: ENT news
Tags: Kids   pediatric  

February is Kids ENT Health Month! National health statistics reveal that pediatric ear, nose, and throat disorders remain among the primary reasons children visit a physician, with ear infections ranking as the number one reason for an appointment. From earaches to choking hazards, kids can suffer from a variety of ailments that require prompt diagnosis and treatment. Children can also suffer from conditions normally only associated with adults, like chronic acid reflux and sleep apnea, which may require a visit to a specialist. 

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